Hand Held Computers

  • Using GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies for communications
  • Barcode scanners and touch screens
  • Portable printers
  • Time & Attendance and access control equipment

Hand Held Computers Applications

Increase your productivity. Automate your procedures using hand held computers.

Using hand held computers is the best way to increase your productivity and ensure accurate results. LogiSoft provides powerful solutions for your sales force, warehouse keeper and store manager. The interface to the back office eliminates duplication of work and keeps up-to-date stocks and debtor / creditor accounts.

Stock Taking & Label Printing

  • Stock Taking.
  • Label Printing with Barcodes (Shelf labels & Adhesive labels).
  • Warehouse Transfers.
  • Price checking(with Multiple Price Lists).

Ex-van sales & Order Taking

  • Sales Invoices.
  • Credit Notes (Goods Returned).
  • Sales Order.
  • Warehouse Transfers (Loading of goods, Transfer to other stores).
  • Payment Receipts from Customers (Cash & Cheques with all details).
  • Salesmen Routes.
  • Pricing Policies by Customer.
  • Detailed end-of-day reports for stocks and amounts .

Receipt of Goods, Warehouse management

  • Receipt of Purchases with price validation (purchase agreements).
  • Purchase orders.
  • Warehouse transfers.
  • Debit Notes.